How do I despatch orders?

On your Giftsite Dashboard you will see ‘New Orders’, click here to view all orders that are awaiting despatch. Any that are marked as Drop-shipped do not require your attention, any others will need to be packed and shipped by you. Click on an order to see the order details. Click on ‘PDF packing slip’ […]

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How do I process a refund?

If your customer returns their order or if they have an issue resulting in a refund request, you will need to administer the refund. From your Giftsite Dashboard, navigate to ‘Manage Orders’ then use the search function to find the order (using order number, name or other details). Click on the order, then change the […]

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How do I link with Royal Mail Click and Drop?

Royal Mail Click and Drop allows you to easily manage your Giftsite shipments with Royal Mail, especially if you have a Royal Mail Online Business Account. Go to and either sign in or register for a Click and Drop account, then follow the setup instructions for a WooCommerce store.  Our video help guide can […]

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