Gift Site Ltd (“Gift Site”) uses other third parties to process your personal data and these change from time to time. Please review this list regularly to ensure that you are informed.

The name of the third party providers, the description of their services and the purpose of their processing is set out below.

Purpose/Activity Description Third Parties
Sellers If you place an order, we share your information with the relevant seller on our marketplace so that they can process and deliver your order.
Gift voucher providers If you place an order, to process your order when you purchase a gift voucher from us. TBC
Cloud platform providers We use cloud computing platforms that securely store and process all of our data, including user details. TBC
Messaging services In order to send users tailored and timely marketing content, service messages and transactional notifications, we share your details with our marketing messaging service providers. TBC
Social media platforms We may make your name and email address available to companies in order to advertise and market our services to users through other platforms on the internet.

See the ‘Marketing’ section of the Privacy Policy.

Analytics tools We use analytics tools to track the way that users interact with our website & apps. Google Analytics
Marketing profiling tools We use profiling tools to understand how users engage with our website and show users content we think will be most relevant to them, based on our understanding of user interests and preferences. TBC
Payment providers In order to facilitate any payments made on our site, we facilitate the sharing of users’ financial data with our payment providers. Stripe
Delivery providers In order to package and mail your orders to users, information will be shared with our seller’s delivery providers, for example Royal Mail. Parcelhub
Digital advertising and insights providers Marketing and insights tools allow us to understand our users better so that we may provide users with the best possible website, products and customer service experience. We share behavioural data about our users to facilitate this process. Google Adwords, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Apple Ads
Customer service platforms & providers When you interact with our customer service team, your details are shared with our customer service platform provider. TBC
Business management & accounting providers When you communicate with us. TBC
Feedback forms When a customer makes a purchase, we engage a third party to send out feedback forms on our behalf. TBC
Recruitment Where you apply for a role with us, we use our recruiting software to process and store your application details. TBC
Direct mail services provider Where you have subscribed to receiving direct mail, you may receive a Christmas catalogue through us. We use our direct mail services provider to cleanse our customer data, post the catalogues and process our Christmas returns. TBC


If you have any questions on this list, please Contact Us.

Last updated: 07 March 2021