Smash Pot Moneybox


Eco-friendly, personalised money saving bamboo smash pot, Save Smash Spend.


What a fun way to teach children how to save their pocket money! A bright, colourful, ‘Smash Pot’ personalised with the most popular children’s names alongside fun graphics. Made from sustainable bamboo fibre which is compostable after smashing. A great addition to the Bamboo Crew kids range. Available in two sizes.

Small holds approx £100 in £1 coins and the large pot holds approx £500 in £1 coins. There’s even a blank pot to personalise with transfer letters if you can’t find the name you want. PLEASE NOTE: These items are pre-personalised. The item you receive is the name or title that you have selected. Items are not personalised to order and we do not offer bespoke customisation.

  • Bright and colourful Pre-personalised money jars.
  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo fibre.
  • Encourage little ones to save.
  • Have fun smashing the pot when you are ready to spend.