Lucky Gonks


Pocket sized collectible mascots.


Lucky gonk, pre-personalised with popular names and fun text. With a bright and colourful knitted hat and featuring big beards or cool braids. Hang from a school bag, backpack, pencil case or keyring. With a sand filled squishy bottom, they can also be placed on a desk, shelf or window sill to watch over you and always bring you luck. With over 80 names and 50 generic titles to choose from – there’s a lucky gonk for everyone!

PLEASE NOTE: These items are pre-personalised. The item you receive is the name or title that you have selected. Items are not personalised to order and we do not offer bespoke customisation.

  • Pre-personalised lucky gonk mascot.
  • Brightly coloured knitted hat with personalisation or fun inspirational text.
  • Hang on a school bag or keyring for luck.
  • A cool bell adds a finishing touch.