Bamboo Large Candle – Amber Wood & Vetiver


With a truly contemporary feel, these beautiful boutique decor glass jar candles feature hand-poured natural white soy wax in a choice of organic, woody fragrances – each containing natural essential oils. Savour the scintillating scents whilst listening to the subtly soothing crackling of the wooden wicks.

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Delight in the harmonious blend of Vetiver and Sweet Amber Wood, speckled with spicy black pepper for a calming, grounded energy.

  • A powerful combination of vibrant Amber Wood speckled with spicy pepper on a base of calming vetiver.
  • Biodegradable hand-poured white soy wax candle with natural essential oils.
  • On-trend wooden (FSC Certified) crackling wicks and frosted glass.
  • Bamboo lid makes the perfect coaster on which to sit your Bamboo candle.
  • Fabulous gift for any candle lover or a treat just for you!