Wall Crawlers


Personalised Superhero and Supervillain wall-crawlers. Collectable, super-sticky pocket money fun!


Reviving a retro craze! For the first time you can get personalised wall crawlers with your name on both the Superhero AND Supervillain! Choose from a range of popular names and titles and race your wall crawlers! Simply throw the Superhero and Supervillain wall crawlers at a smooth vertical surface such as a wall or window and watch as they cling, tumble, fall and race each other until they reach the bottom.

Which one will win – you as a Superhero or you as a Supervillain? For hours of fun and games keep the wall crawlers clean and sticky by simply washing in soap and water and leave to dry before racing again. Made from an eco friendly material which is biodegradable and suitable for recycling.

Fun party gifts or pocket money treats for children – and the big kids out there too! PLEASE NOTE: These items are pre-personalised. The item you receive is the name or title that you have selected. Items are not personalised to order and we do not offer bespoke customisation. Alternative designs and names are available in the product listings.

  • Fun and affordable, wall crawlers are personalised, sticky, tumbling and racing pocket money toys.
  • Superhero & Supervillain characters are packaged together for the ultimate wall crawler challenge!
  • Unique and pre-personalised with a range of popular names and titles on both hero and villain.
  • Brightly coloured and super-sticky, Wall Crawlers are made from eco-friendly, recyclable material.
  • Easy to clean with just soap and water for long-lasting retro fun and games.