In this step we show you how to add any other products to your store. To do this we are going to ask you to create a product, don’t worry if you don’t have real product information to hand, you can make it up for the purposes of the demo and delete or edit it later. You will need to add:

  • Product name e.g. Red & White Striped Gift Wrap
  • Product Description e.g. Foil gift wrap with red and white stripes
  • SKU (or Product Code) e.g. GIFTWRAP7612
  • Barcode (the barcode number on the product)
  • Add a stock quantity to your product
  • Add the weight and dimensions of your product
  • Add an image to your product (you can add several if you want)

As with every step of this process, nothing is set in stone. You will be able to return and edit or delete this product after the store setup is complete. You can also create as many products as you wish using the same process.

This screen teaches you to set up one product. You can set up more products once you have completed the setup process.

Click on the help button in the top right corner of your screen to view our video guide.