Here we will show you how to add products to your store. To complete this step, you will need to have a few bits of information to hand. You will be asked to:

  • Name your product e.g. Red & White Striped Gift Wrap
  • Describe your product e.g. Foil gift wrap with red and white stripes
  • Add a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit or Product Code) e.g. GIFTWRAP7612
  • Barcode if available (the barcode number on the product)
  • Add a stock level to your product
  • Add the weight and dimensions of your product
  • Add an image to your product (you can add several if you want)

As with every step of this process, you will be able to return later and edit this page after the store setup process is complete. You will also be able to continue adding more products to your store.

You can access the video through the Help button in the top right hand corner of the next screen.